Land Rover Defender 110

Some say Toyotas are more reliable for expeditions in Asia as replacement pieces can be found more easily. We are (naively) counting on not needing many. TravelTech in Luzern, Switzerland is preparing the car. They are helping us by installing the following elements:

-  Rooftop tent (Aircamping)

-  4+2 All-terrain tyres

-  2 ladders (front and back)

-  New battery and inverter to charge laptops and cameras

-  Heavy-duty locks against vibrations

-  Safe

-  New oils and other replacement pieces

-  The tyre on the back door is being transferred to the front of the car to distribute weight

Land Rovers can be transformed into houses. Anything, from kitchens to sofas, can be mounted. We kept it basic.

Isle of Skye
Isle of Skye