"Walking into Santiago de Compostella, 26 days and 870km after leaving St Jean in France, a Polish priest, who had out-walked and out-talked me on that last day (he had walked there from Poland!), told me "this is not the end, the Camino goes on forever". The Silk Road is the ultimate Camino and if we survive, will offer ultimate adventure and stories. My mission is to explore, drive, hike, and to meet people along the route and to share their stories here."

"I am a terrible mechanic, but I can theorize about potential car faults and make assumptions for hours. Nonetheless, my mission is to prove that economists can be useful on the road. Expect me to be wrong. I also like to think that my love for photography will be useful on the way.”

"Last summer I travelled all 10,000 km. from Moscow to Vladivostok by train. For a bit of context, this was the end of an indescribable 15 months spent living in Russia and China. As well as languages, humans and our cultural differences have always fascinated me. This anthropological aspect of our expedition drives me on the roads heading east once more."

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